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No two properties are the same. So, why should a landscape company treat them the same? At Riverside Land Group, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your property’s upkeep and care. We offer customized landscape services and maintenance programs that are sustainable and affordable for residential and commercial properties.

If you’re a green thumb looking for extra help or you’re completely hands-off, we have turnkey outdoor solutions to help increase the value of your home. If you own a business and don’t have time to deal with landscape companies that can’t seem to get it right the first time, our professionalism, experience and reputation will make commercial property maintenance one less thing to worry about.

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Landscape maintenance and installation for residential & commercial properties

landscape installation

Set the tone with beautiful curb appeal and no-fuss landscape maintenance that welcomes friends and neighbors or creates a professional atmosphere that impresses your customers. Your Riverside Land Group team of horticultural experts will advise you on new landscape plantings and ground covers that will enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Riverside Land Group is the trusted landscape company for professional landscape architects, general contractors and land developers who require large landscape installs with hardscapes that contribute to your commercial outdoor aesthetics.

Landscape installation services typically include bed preparation, ornamental plantings including annuals and perennials, shrubs and ground covers.

mowing & trimming

The Riverside Land Group crew is trained to provide detailed mowing and trimming services that maintain the health of the outdoor landscape and plantlife, including ornamental landscape beds, trees, grassed curbs, parking lots, perimeter of building and stringed trimmers. We adjust the mowing height according to the needs of your grass, ensuring the health throughout the grounds while maintaining a well-manicured lawn. Additionally, we keep your property fresh by removing unsightly trash and debris.
Edging & Mulching

Lawn maintenance also includes landscape edging: creating clean, crisp lines along sidewalks, curbs and landscape beds. Professional landscape edging adds inviting transitions with attention to detail that gives the property a uniformed appearance.

Ground cover such as mulch, straw, rock, gravel, soil or compost requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Your local team of Riverside Land Group professionals will work with you to develop an action plan specifically designed for your particular property.

Fertilization, Weed & Pest Management

Riverside Land Group’s lawn care program includes safe products that boost the health of your lawn, stymies weed growth and keeps pests at bay.

Weed germination and pest control is dependent upon weather, water temperatures and water clarity (if you have a lagoon or pond). The Riverside Land Group team of professionals use an integrated pest management system with a series of herbicides, dyes and submersible granular products at different times throughout a single season. Additionally, necessary herbicides, insecticides (does not include fire ant treatments) and fertilization customized for your type of turf is applied according to the horticultural calendar of best practices to provide optimum turf healthcare.

Your local landscape team at Riverside Land Group provides a thorough, customized plan to keep your property maintained with environmentally conscious programs that are safe for humans and pets.

Storm Preparedness & Response

It’s no secret that South Carolina’s hurricane season can destroy your property. Rest assured, Riverside Land Group’s top landscaping management services have you covered when harmful storms hit. Our professional crew of landscape technicians will ensure a thorough and speedy clean-up of your property — removing harmful hazards such as debris, fallen branches or uprooted landscaping. Your Riverside Land Group property maintenance also includes a plan to reestablish the beautiful aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

Professional and responsible plant care that leaves your outdoor space thriving

The Riverside Land Group team has the experience, training and certification to properly care for your turf, trees, shrubs, plants and garden. Our philosophy is to improve quality of life with outdoor spaces that feature thriving plant life.

Tree, Shrub and Ornamental Maintenance

Riverside Land Group maintains such certifications and affiliations with such preeminent authorities on landscaping and environment as International Society of Arboriculture and Clemson University’s Horticulture Program. Continuing education provides our team the ability to professionally assess and care for trees and shrubs.

Shrubs are routinely inspected to ensure plant health — including insect and disease inspections. Essential care includes routine trimming of shrubs for maturity and healthy growth of plant materials throughout the grounds. Shrubs and palms require annual fertilization for optimal growth — which includes fertilization and pest control in the event harmful insects and or fungus is present.

Trees are typically assessed quarterly for signs of disease or overgrowth that encroaches onto a building. In the event a problem arises, the Riverside Land Group on-site crew immediately informs the property manager or owner. We work closely with you to follow through with a solution.

Efficient irrigation services that nourish your landscape

Did you know that the Town of Hilton Head Island has adopted both a rain sensor ordinance and a local irrigation ordinance that restricts landscape irrigation to certain days of the week depending on the type of property you own? Smart irrigation practices are necessary to preserve Beaufort County’s precious drinking water. Improperly maintained landscape irrigation systems could accidentally contaminate the local water supply with pesticides, fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals.

At Riverside Land Group, our trained technicians implement responsible irrigation practices that comply with local laws and keep the local environment safe. Our irrigation services include seasonal audits to ensure your landscape irrigation system is running efficiently, including South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) certified backflow tests, as well as ongoing irrigation maintenance:

  • Irrigation System Design and Installation Controllers
  • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Smart Water Application Technology (SWAT)
  • Initiative
  • Heads
  • Drip
  • Rain Sensors
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Valves
  • Meters

Sustainable aquatics control for properties large and small

Riverside Land Group provides full-service aquatics management — from large golf course lagoons and neighborhood retention ponds to courtyard fountains and private koi ponds. Our team of aquatics professionals provide:

  • regular maintenance and treatment of ponds, lagoons, fountains and aerators
  • shoreline cleanups of large and small debris
  • shorescaping with native plants and pruning
  • rip rap installation
  • fish stocking
  • installation of fountains and lighting

lagoon and pond care

In an area that is as fast-growing as Bluffton SC, new neighborhood developments cropping up bring up concerns of lagoons and ponds affected by polluted runoff from lawn irrigation and landscape chemicals — especially during hurricane season. With proper maintenance, lagoons and ponds can add beauty to your outdoor space while providing habitats for turtles, frogs, birds and even alligators. A custom comprehensive maintenance program will keep your water pristine and healthy year round.

Algae Bloom, Weed and Mosquito Control

Riverside Land Group utilizes integrated pest management practices to maintain the health of your water. This includes the use of safe algaecide products to suppress algae spores throughout the growing season, eliminating “scum” build-up along lagoon shores while preventing algae from floating on the water’s surface.

Our trained aquatics crew takes proactive measures to reduce the mosquito population around your custom waters by administering larvicide tablets along lagoon banks that prevent the hatching cycle of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, this does not affect mature mosquitos. However, this method allows us to control large mosquitoes by preventing larvae from hatching.

Aeration System Maintenance

Pond and lagoons require aerators to infuse dissolved oxygen — which keeps the water clean and healthy for aquatic life. Low dissolved oxygen levels (DO) are signs of polluted water levels that arise from wastewater, fertilizer and soil runoff from landscape and/or excess amounts of dead algae.

Riverside Land Group’s field technicians offer seamless installation and maintenance of aeration units for lagoons and ponds on private and commercial properties. Aeration systems typically include fixed fountain sprayers, floating fountains and flexible hose sprayer. The units largely depend on the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of the particular body of water.

Riverside Land Group aeration systems are carefully inspected, tested and maintained for efficient performance and safety. Aeration services typically include:

  • Visual inspection of pond
  • Inspecting and cleaning compressor and diffusers
  • Replacing internal and external air filters
  • Lubricating and cleaning fan
  • Wiring maintenance to prevent shortages an potentially fatal electrocution
Riverside Land Group provides such aquatic services as fountain and aeration installation and maintenance

fish stocking

Riverside Land Group stocks public and private ponds and lagoons with appropriate fish depending on the goal of the small waterway. Fish balance the ecology of stormwater ponds, lagoons and other bodies of water by consuming small fish and invertebrates and food for wading birds and osprey, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension. Additionally, fish benefit ponds by capturing nutrients from runoff, controlling unwanted aquatic plants and, in some cases, providing recreational fishing in neighborhoods throughout Beaufort County SC.

Riverside Land Group’s team of aquaculturists regularly monitor, treat and stock ponds with:

  • Bream
  • Triploid Grass Carp
  • Blue Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Bass
fountains and lighting

Fountains are show-stopping stunners for any private or commercial property. Our staff is trained, certified and insured to install and to maintain these water features.

Maintenance packages include:

  • Testing of all fountain controls and motor functions
  • Comprehensive inspection, cleaning and service yearly

Larger ponds and lagoons found in neighborhoods on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton use floating fountains for aesthetic appeal, water stagnation prevention and some assistance with the water’s aeration.

In addition to ongoing fountain maintenance, Riverside Land Group’s team provides expert guidance for property owners associations, community associations, golf course superintendents and land developers in regards to selecting which fountain manufacturer, style and function works best with a specific property taking into account the depth of the water, availability of power, placement, spray patterns, lighting and weather.

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